5 Best Places to Visit in South India

5 Best Places to Visit in South India – India Travel

South India is gifted with everything a tourist can ask for. It has got beautiful hill stations, ancient historical monuments, wild sanctuaries, waterfalls, backwaters, best accommodations for tourists and more. Need not mention, South Indian food is popular all over the world. Moreover, you can try the delicious South Indian cuisine yourself as you travel along with the various distinctions in South India. So, if you have been thinking of traveling to the South, below mentioned are the 5 best places to visit in South India:

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It is a coastal town in the state of Tamil Nadu onIndia southern trip. This town (among the famous south Indian cities) was known as Cape Comorian during British rule and is popular for watching sunrise and sunset atop the Ocean.

It is like a mystical land with tourism dash to get a taste of romance and it’s also considered as a pilgrimage site because of Bagavathi Amman Temple (dedicated to a companion of Shiva and it’s our lady of Ramson Church).

Nature is so spectacular at Kanyakumari that several other Indian beaches pale by comparison. There is something rhythmic about being in a place that is the last point of the country.

Cape Comorian is best during the Chaitra Purnima when the sun and the moon are face to face at the same horizon, but other full moon days are also special when we can see the sun and the moon rise almost concurrently.


Kochi is also one of the best places in south India, a city in South West India’s coastal Kerala state which has been a port in 1341. It is a rushy commercial port city with a trading history that dates back only 600 years. It is also called Queen of the Arabian Sea; the city is the financial, commercial and industrial capital of Kerala.

A flock of islands interconnected by ferries, this Cosmopolitan town has upmarket stores and galleries in finest Heritage accommodation.

Very few people know that one of the largest shopping malls in India as well as in Asia, Lulu Shopping Mall, is also in India.

Kochi has a mix of both traditional and cosmopolitan culture, being the capital city of the state of Kerala. The city was a hub of Cultural intellectualist in past. It is the home to famous writers of Malayalam literature. It also has the largest Jewish community that is Malabar.


One of the best tourist places in south india, Munnar is the town in the Western Ghats mountain range in Kerala state, a hill station and a former resort for the British Raj elite that is surrounded by Rolling Hills overviewed with tea plantation. It is a beautiful tea town in Idukki district of Kerala.

The tea Museum at the Nallathanni estate represents the religious history of tea production. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is an eco-tourism site that protects numerous animal species.

It is a field of blue Neelakurinji flowers, which bloom there once every 12 years. It is known for its greenery. Munnar is a great holiday distinction in Kerala.

Its overall view including the tea plantations, beautifully designed towns, flora, and fauna make it perfect for the vacation. Munnar hill station has been selected as the best destination for romance. It is breathtakingly beautiful and cannot be portrayed in a single Canvas.


It is the village on Vembanad Lake, in the backwaters of Kerala Southern India. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is home to many animal species. Nearby, the bay Island driftwood Museum shows wooden sculptures. Ancient Thazhathangady mosque is at the east of Kumarakom.

It has a tropical climate with two monsoon seasons (June to August and October to November), a common time to visit during the driest months, a good time to visit the Bird Sanctuary is the mid-year. It is the best place for your holiday as it has a perfect blend of traditional and modern facilities.

Kumarakom is the essence of Kerala that is certainly one way to get immersed in Kerala’s rich heritage. It offers a wide range of flora and fauna and exotic sightseeing, boating and fishing experiences. The land is famous for its handcraft, each exquisite piece still made in a traditional way.

Houseboats are one of the unique and epic features of Kumarakam tourism. The atmosphere at Kumarakom will make you more romantic and will give you the most memorable moments in your lifetime.


Madurai is an energetic, ancient city on the Vaigai River, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Its Skyline is dominated by the 14 colorful Gateway towers of Meenakshi Amman temple. It is the third largest city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. One among the best places to visit in South India, it is covered with bright carvings of Hindu Gods. The Dravidian style temple is a major pilgrimage site.

Flower vendors near Meenakshi Amman sell fragrant flowers of Jasmine and Marigold which are used as devotional offerings. Afar the old city lays Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam, a vast Temple Tank filled by the river Vaigai River. It hosts a Madurai float festival which is held in January and February in which Hindu icons are placed into the tanks on ornamental rafts. Most visitors come in December to January and May.

Summers can be extremely hot and humid, while winter brings warm days and chilly nights. Madurai is Tamil- born and Tamil- rooted, one of the oldest cities in India and one of the best places in south India, a metropolis that traded with ancient Rome.

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Have you been planning to go for a vacation in South India? Which city out of the above “5 Best Places to Visit in South India” did you find interesting?

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