10 Most Popular Apps Built with Flutter

10 Most Popular Apps Built with Flutter

The platform ‘Flutter’ is Google’s entity that allows people to build Android and iOS apps in a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform was introduced by the company in 2017 and the mobile app development just got easier. The best use of this platform is that the code needs to be written once. The code will be able to make the app on both platforms that are available.

Perks of using Flutter for Mobile App Development

There are some advantages that Flutter has to offer, such as:

  • Fast Coding

The app lets users write codes very fast and in a very dynamic way. The bugs and features can be fixed in a blink of the eye. The code will need to be written once and the framework will use it to create the same app for both platforms.

  • Interactive Design

Flutter app development provides a wide range of widgets and themes that you can use for your app. The vibrant colors and minimalistic approach makes it the more loved platform to work on.

  • Same Interface

The interface will be the same on all the versions of Android as well as iOS. This feature turns out to be very efficient when it comes to providing help and support to the customers.

10 Most Popular Apps Built with Flutter 

Below mentioned are the 10 most popular applications that have been built with the use of Flutter, which is developed by Google:

1. KlasterMe

The app is a platform to share content like images and blogs to the community. The platform offers categorized posts and the user will have to register and create a username and password. You can also follow other profiles and interact will them as well. Moreover, you can have access to this app on both of the platforms that are available.

2. Meeve

The app is a medium to connect with more people through different events. People can register on the app and check-in to the events. The users who are sharing the same interests can connect with each other and meet in-person at the event. It’s a new concept and a very intellectual one as well.

3. Alibaba

The app of this e-commerce website is created on the Flutter platform. The app lets the user buy their choice of product from anywhere in the world without worrying about customs or any other formality of international shipping. Apps developed using Flutter are also very light and carry attractive design.

4. PostMuse

An accessory app for the Instagram user, PostMuse lets users create interactive stories with a wide range of fonts and frames. You can also create Instagram posts using a grid and also add multiple posts. 

5. Reflectly

It is an app developed by Flutter that works on Artificial Intelligence. It tells you ways to get negative thoughts away from your head by providing you with a set of questionnaires. The app falls under the category of health, completely built on the Flutter platform.

6. Watermaniac

We generally forget to keep ourselves hydrated. The app will notify you to drink water at regular intervals. The AI will help you in telling how much water you need to drink and will also keep track of it.

7. HuYu

Flutter framework is much more diverse and this app is a prime example of that. The users can share the receipt of the products they bought. Then, the app lets them participate in a survey that will be used eventually for the purpose of market research. Users will get reward points, which can be used to apply some discounts on their future purchases.

8. Pairing

This is a dating app that provides a safe environment for users to connect with each other. The working of the app is based on matchmaking with the help of shared common interests. Users can also specify the qualities they are looking for in their partners. The app will show the profiles that are best matched to their interests.

9. Music Tutor

This app also falls under the category of most popular music apps developed using Flutter. It lets the user learn the basics of sight-reading. The app will transform you into a better sheet reader. Moreover, you can also get much better in recognizing the music notes.

10. InKino

The app is developed by Finkino Cinemas. The features like seeing what movies are playing along with seat selection and booking are available on the app. Apart from that, you can add the combo beverage packs with the ticket.

Bonus: School Planner

The last app on our list is the best Flutter app example of how diverse this platform can get. This app is such a stress-reliever for the kids and teachers. Teachers can add homework, daily time-table, test schedule, grades, etc. and students can check by logging in to their accounts. Students can also set reminders for any project or event.


The use of this open-source framework is very economical and beneficial for businesses. The platform provides you with a good chance to create an interactive design that your users can easily use. You can fully customize the interface and features to set them according to you. People are using a smartphone for almost all their daily tasks. Moreover, this is the best time for you to invest in creating an app for both platforms.

The biggest advantage that you will get with a mobile app made with Flutter over other methods is that it will not be very heavy. Users will be able to use it conveniently even on older devices. Well, don’t believe the myth that the platform is still in beta. So go and try for yourself the Flutter 1.7 now. 

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