What is Face Toner

What is Face Toner? Why you should never skip it?

You must have heard many dermatologists talking of CTM when it comes to Facial Skincare Routine. CTM stands for Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize. But many of us don’t really know about what is Face Toner? when and why you should use it?

You know that you have to wash your face & moisturize it to keep it look clean, healthy, smooth etc. But have you ever thought of the step in the middle of C & M? Have you ever thought that why is T even there? There is a reason to it and actually there are many. So, let’s dig into it:

How Skipping Toner in your CTM routine is a big mistake?

What is Face Toner? What does it do?

Toner is basically a watery lotion or a liquid formulated or prepared to cleanse and remove the impurities left on the skin. Toner helps to shrink the appearance of large pores of your face and prevent them from getting clogged.

It helps in re-balancing the pH level of your skin. It hydrates the skin & prepares it to absorb the product like moisturizer or serum that is a part of our skincare routine by gently exfoliating it. Also it helps get rid of the last bits of makeup or dirt.

It also keeps oil production under control only if it contains salicylic acid.

When to use Toner?

Toner is to be used on the skin after washing or cleansing your face & before the application of any serum or moisturizer.

Note: Do not wash your face after using Toner.

How to use Toner?

Toner can be used on the face in a few ways:

By using a cotton pad or cotton ball apply it evenly on face, neck and let it to dry.

By spraying directly onto your face and letting it to dry.

Toner as per your skin type

Toner for Dry, Dehydrated, Sensitive and Normal skins

Skin bracers or fresheners

These are the mildest form of toners that contain water, glycerine, and little alcohol (up to 10%). These toners are really gentle on the skin, and are most suitable for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and normal skin types. A very good example for such toners is the Rosewater toners.

Toner for normal, combination, and mildly oily skin.

Skin Tonics

These are slightly stronger and has water,a humectant ingredient, & more alcohol quantity than Skin bracers or fresheners (up to 20%). Skin tonics are most suitable for use on normal, combination, and mildly oily skin.

Toner for Oily & Acne prone Skin


These are the strongest form of toner and contain a high proportion of alcohol (20–60%), antiseptic ingredients, water, and a humectant ingredient. These are commonly recommended for oily skins as they are drying.

Toner that I currently use

There are times when I run out of my toner and I do notice a visible difference in my skin. My face feels dull if I skip my toner for more than 2 days. So, I always make sure I have it stocked before it runs out. I never skip this step in my morning & night skincare routine.

Currently, I am using the La Rochey Posay Effaclar micro-exfoliating astringent lotion.

It helps instantaneously reduce pore size and fight against blockage, thanks to the combination of sebum-regulating, purifying and micro-exfoliating LHA active ingredients. I love it! It has been my favorite toner ever. You can have a look on this product here.

So, in the end I would like to conclude that If you are not using a toner in your skincare routine yet, it’s to time to invest in one that suits your skin type. You never know you might find a friend for your skin 😀

I hope this article “What is Face Toner? Why you should never skip it?” has been helpful.

Let me know if I missed to mention any point here. I would love to know your take on toners 🙂

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10 thoughts on “What is Face Toner? Why you should never skip it?

  1. nice toner … really want to try .. buy quite expensive
    Currently i am using Blossom Kochhar Aroma magic toner

  2. Ohhh.. now I know why I have open pores on my cheeks.. coz I don’t use toner.. thanks for this valuable information..

  3. Toner main kaafi tym se use karti hu, currently Oriflam ki diamond kit ka toner use kar rahi hu, kabhi kabhi cucumber juice bhi use karti hu, wo sabse jyada soothing lagta hai

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