Top 3 Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses

Top 3 Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses

Between finishing the ‘n’ number of tasks before heading to work and whilst also wanting to leave early to beat the traffic, there is hardly any time left to plan your work outfit, let alone the hairstyles for yourself that you’d like to pair it up with.

Top 3 Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses

I understand the dilemma you go through and have come up with a few simple solutions based on the outfit you’ll be carrying:

  1. The Ponytail

If you’re donning a professional look for the day, paired with smart formal shirts and trousers or a pencil skirt, a high ponytail will be the perfect addition to your outfit. Keeping your hair tied up will contribute to your crisp and sophisticated outfit and keep your hair from falling onto your face.

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If you’re trying to keep it more casual, you can also opt for a low ponytail that would complement your informal Friday outfit.

Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses!

Try creating an all-black look with this georgette bow tie shirt, combining with this ponytail and create a statement with sheer elegance.

  1. The Bun

If you’re confused about the hairstyle and do not like any of the looks you’ve tried so far, a bun is the simplest and the quickest method to complete your look. As the hairstyle must look formal, try to go for a neat bun look that can be achieved swiftly and can be paired up with absolutely every outfit. Also, a messy bun would be fit for a relaxed smart casual outfit.

Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses!

Ombré Lane Printed Silk Ruffled Top

Pairing a bun with one of our printed shirts or bold colours would create a trendy contrast that would make you stand out of the crowd.

  1. Keep it open

If you’ve opted to pick out a feminine dress for your workwear, keep it simple and let your hair down for a quick and effortlessly chic look. Complementing your attire, your hair will add on to the sophistication of the dress and can be easily carried forward from work to dinner. Select the lace dress from the Ombré Lane collection and team it up with this simple hairdo, to create an image of grace.

Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses!

Ombré Lane Off-while Lace Knee Length Dress in Cotton

I have picked out the quickest hairstyles that you can try to pair up with your outfits and still be able to beat the traffic. Also, try the featured tops and dresses from Ombré Lane collection and flaunt your boss lady look.

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I hope this article “Top 3 Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses” has been helpful.

Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses!

Please let me know about it in comments. Also, If you like the post, then please don’t forget to share this post with your loved ones 🙂

Until then!

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Shweta is an MBA from The Wharton School and a graduate of IIT Bombay. She has over 12 years of experience in ecommerce, Retail and management consulting. She managed product and marketplace at Flipkart and headed business at Nykaa before launching Ombré Lane


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33 thoughts on “Top 3 Hairstyles for the Busy Lady Bosses

  1. These hair styles are so good not only for busy bosses but for busy moms like me too 🙂 thanks for sharing I will try them.

  2. All three styles suggested by you are easy to do and maintain. I am not though a fan of the open hair. I normally plate it as I feel it prevent hair damage.

  3. Mostly I would go for high ponytail. It looks chic and trendy and also helps to keep normal hair texture intact. Nice post.

  4. A ponytail is my best hairstyle that suits me all the time and with all my dresses. And I do buns only on occasions. Nice post for moms and busy women.

  5. I love all the three style mentioned here, but my personal favorite is BUN look, it keeps the hair from going on a fun trip around my face and also when to change into informal a messy bun look saves the chime

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